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What are the realities of trying to prevent or control diabetes? In your life, family, and/or community? What about this inspires you? Is it a person, an experience, or something you learned about diabetes?


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I won't let it destroy me, neither should you

Missie, New Jersey

What's your inspiration?

On August 31 2008 I became diagnosed with diabetes (type 1). So what inspires me would be my experience with it.

What is one experience that taught you a lesson about diabetes that could help others?

To be honest everyday is a new experience that teaches me a lesson about my diabetes. However my one experience is when i get sick with the flu or even something simple, but to us diabetics we know nothing is ever simple. Although when i get sick the best way i can keep my sugar stable is by calling my endocrinologist, they work with me on changing some things around until i get better. They'll tell you the best way to maintain your sugar and what would be best to eat when sick and it really does help.

For example when i get sick my sugars always seem to sky rocket and i can never bring them down, which makes me feel a lot worse then i already do from being sick, however when my mom calls my doctor and they help me manage and or change things to make me feel a little more comfortable until i get better I've realized that my sugars are a lot better maintained and i also notice i get better quicker than expected. So when ever you feel sick even if its not something serious i would still call your doctor or whomever is in control of your diabetes because the littlest change can make the biggest difference.

How could our families, neighborhoods, or communities better prevent or live well with diabetes

Well for type 2 diabetics i guess the only advice i can give is to maintain a perfect diet and if necessary lose weight and maintain check ups with your doctor.

Therefore with type 1 diabetics i really don't believe there is anyway of preventing it but that doesn't mean its impossible to live with. Check ups like every three months with your endocrinologist is usually necessary and so is your A1C blood work, but do more than just that like exercise, be active, eat healthier. I'm telling you thats the best key for diabetes.

Most importantly for those with diabetes the world may seem impossible to live, but with a fight and believing even diabetes cant destroy us. Things may always be difficult but will never be impossible. Diabetes is a world wide thing, but its up to you on how you choose to live with it for those who do have it, but to me living with diabetes i believe that i can fight and live with it just fine, because i won't let it destroy me and neither should you.