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What are the realities of trying to prevent or control diabetes? In your life, family, and/or community? What about this inspires you? Is it a person, an experience, or something you learned about diabetes?


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Expo 2013

Today was the diabetes expo in utah. Yay! It went really well and we had sooo many people show. It was great! I was at volunteer check in as always and i was so surprised when i checked this one lady in and she looked at me and said " are you Gen?" She then proceeded to tell me what a huge fan of mine she was and i just couldnt help but feel all warm and fuzzy. I never want to stop touching peoples hearts with these projects. Thank you for all being a part of it. (:

The good, the bad, and the....weird?


I'm sorry for being MIA again. Things got crazy. I got another hedgehog, her name is Alice. I did a performance in grease, and in a musical review. I'm getting ready to be in theater competition and its great (: I'm in a scene from richard the third (Act four scene four.) As Queen Elizabeth. Hooray! I Also had surgery on November 20th, the morning after Grease closed. I had my gallbladder removed. It was scary and hurt but I was getting attacks frequently and my health in the past few months has much improved. I dont get car sick any more or as dizzy! Crazy huh? Anyways. I am starting my gold award soon. I am going to be doing a film and i am really excited. I hope you guys are still there, and havent given up on me. OH! and in six weeks i am going to new york for theater and choir, and going to Costa Rica in June for girl scouts. Lots of pictures (: