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What are the realities of trying to prevent or control diabetes? In your life, family, and/or community? What about this inspires you? Is it a person, an experience, or something you learned about diabetes?


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Tour De Cure and Summer School

On June 12th I participated in the American Diabetes Association's Tour De Cure up in Brigham City. I rode 25 miles on a sprained ankle in the wind. I made it all the way through but I will admit I struggled the last 3-4 miles, we were head on in the wind and it wasn't going down any. I had an amazing time and seeing all the people there made me smile, because every single person was there for the same cause I am supporting. Tour De Cure is a wonderful wonderful event, I am going to ride again next year. On top of riding I also volunteered. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, got there by 5:30 and worked at volunteer check in and rider T-shirts until 10:30 when the ride started. Unfortunately around 7 I felt really sick, and was on the verge of deciding not to ride. But I came prepared to ride, so ride I did!

For the past 4 Weeks I participated in my high schools summer school class for computer technology. In that class we were required to make two power points. One about myself, and the other about a school subject. I chose to make my presentation on I will let you guess

Do you have it yet? I'll give you a little more time.

It was on Diabetes. I called it "The Truth about Diabetes" because I have found in ALL of my classes that bring up the topic of diabetes, the teacher as much as I may like them, gets it wrong. I am hoping to use my power point in my up coming gold award, which first I need to get my prerequisites done, then send in the plans, but hopefully it will be that I go into elementary and middle school classes and teach them all about what diabetes is, and give them the truth to common misconceptions.

"Diabetes might mess with your body, and your head,
but don't let it take your spirit."
- Anonymous