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What are the realities of trying to prevent or control diabetes? In your life, family, and/or community? What about this inspires you? Is it a person, an experience, or something you learned about diabetes?


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What do you do when your diabetes feels out of control?

When my bloodsugars rise I use a sliding scale on the proper doseage of inslin. When they drop low which can change in a heart beat I use glucose tablets. I always have them near my bed, in the kitchen, in mt purse, and in the car and in the spring and summer a bottle out doors on the patio table.

What's your inspiration?
Because I was 34 years old and carrying my last baby, I was in the doctors office and I looked at my chart and the urine test, tested at 2 plus. When the doctors came back into the room I said to him that I felt we should look into that and he agreed. After the baby was born he ran a glucose tolerance test, which it was positive for diabetes and he asumed I was a type two diabetic. Thirty 33 years later I found a doctor that listened to me about the way I felt as a teenager and she ran another test. Bingo, I have always been a type one diabetic.

I have had no complications because I believed in the Pyramid, meaning eating a balanced diet and taking quality vitaims and minerals. I'm reaching out to people, friends, family and the communities, to take the candy, pop, pizza programs out of the schools and teach everyone to eat healthy. I feel that there should be taxes in place on the unhealthy choses, such as ice cream, pop, candy, and pastries, to help the misfortunate without health insurance until we can change our habits. I believe children come first.